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Does Life Science need consultancy?
An empirical study to investigate the requirement for and utilisation of consultancy in Life Science organisations

In 2015 Petra Buchinger has been working on an empirical research project (Master Thesis) for her study in Supervision and Coaching at Danube University Krems. The goal was to understand challenges, problems and consulting requirements of Life Science organisations. In February 2016 she finished the study including the Master Thesis defense with excellent success!

Experts described her Master Thesis as an “interesting and sophisticated work of great innovative value because it explores a huge and important area about which the field of supervision has little information. An n of 1142 by itself is remarkable for the field of supervision.”

This tremendous success was only possible with the support of all the people who took part in the survey. Great gratitude applys to those participants!

If you are interested in the results of the study please send an E-Mail to Petra Buchinger is looking forward to your message!

This empirical research project is an investigation into the typical challenges and problems with which people in Life Science organisations are confronted and how consultancy is established within these organisations. 1142 participants took part in a quantitative survey. In order to obtain evidence of specific concerns, challenges and problems are compared between selected groups. Additionally, consultancy data is analysed in order to gain an insight into the significance of consultancy. The goal of the assignment is to be able to make scientifically-based statements about particular areas of concern, current consultancy conduct and future consultancy requirements in Life Science organisations.

Key words: Life Science organisations, challenges and problems, supervision, coaching, consultancy, metaconsulting

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