If business is not good, then it isn’t due to „external factors“, customers or the market but always because of the organisation, its own values and attitudes.

Let obstructions go. Cultivate that which generates progression.

I consider it my mission to contribute to economic success being attained in companies in the area of Life Sciences whilst bearing ethical thinking and actions in mind.

I bring experts together from different backgrounds and hierarchical levels and build bridges with the aim of collectively achieving more and becoming more successful in business.

I am convinced that:
  • ethical and responsible behaviour is a „must“, particularly in the Life Sciences sector, because at the end of the day our work should serve the well-being of people and our society,
  • rather than ethical and responsible behaviour AND economic success being mutually exclusive, they are actually dependent on one another,
  • ethical and responsible behaviour at work has a positive influence on the quality of living as a whole.
The basis of my consultancy work is an integrative, systematic approach, expertise and project management skills. My core values are acceptance, appreciation of values and being results-driven.

buchingera values

  • Honesty and trust
  • Integrity and quality of service
  • Responsibility and initiative
  • Appreciation and respect

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