You manage a company in the Life Sciences branch and offer products and services in this sector?

You want to be economically successful whilst cultivating ethical business practices?

You want to strengthen your image as a reliable partner for your clients, employees and professional network?

Then you’ve come to the right place!
buchingera - Life Science solutions accompanies businesses on their way in the Life Science sector,
  • to target product and service offers to promising customers,
  • to become familiar with ethical business strategies, to implement them and to maintain them enthusiastically,
  • to establish themselves long-term in the market and to grow,
  • to build up a positive image as a reliable partner and employer.
30 years of experience and consultancy expertise in the sector are at your disposal to achieve your goals.

Call or email me or get in touch using the contact form. I am looking forward to meeting you personally!

Petra Buchinger

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