buchingera is the solution-oriented consultancy with know-how and expert knowledge in the area of Life Science. Which means that you are offered a fitting solution for every problem and stay on the road to success.

Optimisation of profits through contacts and expertise

After many years of successful Key Account work, profit, targeted action and relevant expertise is a matter of course in my work.

Which means that ... more

Cultivation of company image through strategy and attentiveness

I view changes within the business from every perspective with respect to the total effects on the business as an entity.

Which means that ... more

Security through knowledge and diverse methods

I come from the industry and work for the industry.

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Trust through individuality and a holistic approach

My experience in the industry, my specialist knowledge and my consultancy skills ensure that economic as well as personal concerns are addressed.

Which means that ... more

Win-Win Multi-Perspectivity Product Added Value Profit Core Competence Mission Correspondence